Hemo Prova Borbora Girls' College
Re-Accredited by NAAC as B Grade (2.71 CGPA)
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The college has set up the following Study Centres with the financial assistance from UGC. The Centres offer regular classes for the interested students on various issues that dwell on the multidimensional significance of the epoch making thinkers. International and National Seminars, talks, workshops are organized occasionally. 

(i) Buddhist Studies Centre.
(ii) Gandhian Studies Centre.
(iii) Siu-ka-pha Studies Cenre.

The college has a centre of K.K.H. State Open University in the college campus. This will help the economically underprivileged as well as school/college drop-outs to continue their studies so that they can earn different degrees such as B.A., B.C.A., and B.P.P. from this college.

The college has a centre of distance education under Dibrugarh University.  The centre opened Post Graduate Course (M.A.) under distance mode from the academic year 2013-2014.
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